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Avoid These Common Adult Turnkey Website Startup Mistakes

March 13th, 2014  |  Published in Adult Turnkey Business

Avoid These Common Adult Turnkey Website Startup Mistakes

For many, the ability to Start An Adult Turnkey Website Business From Home is the dream of a lifetime. Working from home, no boss to answer to, make your own hours and spending more time with your family always sounds like a really sweet deal. There are a whole lot of positives to working at home with your own Internet Home Business. But there are some obvious common mistakes to avoid that are overlooked by so many starting a home business. Not taking your Internet home business seriously and neglecting to consider these common mistakes will increase your exposure to failure even before your Internet business gets off the ground.

Lack Of Dedication And A Plan – When you are working at home, it is extremely easy to become distracted, spend time with the family or wander off to watch television because you are the one making the rules. That is why you need to have a detailed business plan that outlines what your vision is for your Internet business you are running from home, what your goals are and how to accomplish them. Also, you need to set benchmarks to determine where you expect to be as far as developing your Internet business in one year, three years, five years and so on. You can also inject into this plan what your estimated expenditures are so you have an idea of costs. Also include what you personally expect to realize from this venture. If you can’t do this, then don’t start a business from home any time soon.

No Dedicated Office – There needs to be a dedicated separate space or room that is exclusively for the Internet home business. As much as you love your family, they need to know that when you are working in that space or room, you are working at your Internet business. So as cruel as it may sound, ground rules should be set.

Not Doing Market Study – Just because Cosgrove Cogs are a hot selling item now or your buddy thinks it would be really cool to have an Internet website selling pet rocks is not reason enough to start an Internet work from home business. Market research is what is necessary to give any Internet business a chance for success. The internet is a wonderful tool that opens up the entire world for conducting market research. See what products are in demand, study what the trends are, check Google keywords tool and see what people are searching for.

Over Spending – Too many Internet home based web business owners think that saving on rent or transportation will justify spending gobs of money on expensive furniture and computers. Remember you are just starting out with this business working from home and need to watch every dollar you spend. Do not spend money unnecessarily.

Failing To Promote Your Home Business – Just because you have a website on the internet doesn’t mean you are going to attract visitors automatically. There is a little thing called competing Internet websites. In order to combat that, you need to build back links and write articles to improve your ranking in the search engines. Of course there are other methods to expose your Internet website to customers, such as pay per click or paying someone to do that work for you. This is a time consuming process if you do it yourself and can become costly if you go the pay route, but is necessary if you want your Internet website to be successful.

Believing The Hype About Instant Wealth – In short; It isn’t going to happen. There are so many glitzy offers on the internet that lure and then prey on unsuspecting home website business entrepreneurs. These guys promise, for a one time or recurring fee, instant wealth and “secret methods” that will jump your Internet website to the top of the search engine rankings virtually overnight. The choice is ultimately yours to make, but just know that using some of these methods are considered “black hat” and can get your Internet website punished or banned by search engines. So the bottom line is this; are you willing to spend money to quite possibly make no money from your own work from home business?

Start An Adult Turnkey Website Business From Home Avoiding Mistakes And Achieving Profitability

First and foremost, a online adult home based turnkey business is not an instant cash machine. When Starting An Online Business From Home there is more than enough research to be performed prior to building the Internet website. Once built, the Internet website requires work, patience and time in order to become a successful work from home Internet business. Having a firm understanding of that and avoiding these six mistakes will always give you a better chance of achieving financial success with your online adult home business.

If you have any questions or comments regarding these common mistakes prospective entrepreneurs make when starting up an adult turnkey website business, please contact me at or just drop me a line at 610-659-9184 and we will provide you all the time in the world on the phone answering each and every question you have in great detail explaining the reality of the business.

Adult Chat Software Top Review 2Much.Net

March 11th, 2014  |  Published in Adult Turnkey Business, Online Website Product Reviews

Adult Chat Software Top Review 2Much.Net is an adult live pay per minute video cam chat software solution offering turnkey software for live video chat for high quality audio and video. The services offered can be used for a webcam site, webcasting shows, concerts, live physic readings and many other adult turnkey webcam business ideas. All of the programming is presented in real time so a quality program is produced as it happens. The 2much programming offers pay-per-second billing, micro-billing and several other options to earn as much revenue as possible using this live cam features with your website.

A 2much pay per minute live video chat solution review such as this can help all considering opening an adult turnkey webcam home based business that requires the use of video chat discover the many advantages that are offered when using 2much. Find out why 2much is quickly becoming the most trusted site for live video services for 2014.

Get what you Need

The one thing that is expected more than anything from a company is quality services and products. 2much always gives customers the highest quality for their adult business operation, using Live Cam v5.0 a 2010 Xbiz Awards “Software of the Year” award winning program. This technology ensures great content, vibrant pictures and crystal clear audio for more of what you are looking for.

Fast, Easy and Quick Pay Per Minute and Live Video Cam Chat Software Setup

The adult turnkey webcam software required to use 2much is quick and easy to setup! In just minutes you will be ready to go in fabulous style, earning more money than you could imagine for your own online home based business. And using the software is just as easy. A few clicks, you are done. Both are features that any home based webcam business owner can appreciate and just one of the many benefits of 2much.

Cost Effective Prices

Money that is being spent is money you can’t put back in the pocket, and 2much ensures that you will not find yourself spending more than you should for live video chat services. Check the competition and you will find 2much services highly competitive and from our extensive research over a 10 year period we have found 2much to be the highest scoring live video chat solution we have ever reviewed and we guarantee we have reviewed every one on the market today.

It is Private and Secure

Using 2much live adult webcam chat business services is private as well as secure. This ensures the confidence of all who are visiting an adult web cam live site and surely appreciated by those who like to keep their personal life on the down low. No one will know who is visiting the site, ever. And, there are no risks of hacking and other harmful circumstances taking place when using 2much.

No Special Requirements

Whether you are a PC or a Mac, using the 2much Live Cam adult live video chat services is for you! It is available with all computers, supported by all browsers and can be installed under your own domain name! Those are all things that every adult webcam home based online business owner can enjoy.

Professional Service, Quality Results

Look at any 2much review you want, and they’ll all tell you the same thing. This is a professional company that specializes in pay per minute and live video chat solutions for your webcam needs at a more than reasonable price and the best customer service in the business not to mention the xbiz, ynot, gfy and avn awards this top live video chat software company has been nominated for through the years. When you work with 2much your adult turnkey cam website can be all that you want it to be, and so much more. It will be a home based webcam site that is easy to use and loved by so many, and you know what that means! All of the traffic you need, all of the profits you want from your online home business. Adult Chat Software Reviews Speak Volumes

This 2much review could never fully explain how exciting it will be to work with such a quality business from the comfort of your own home webcam business site. There is no better choice for your adult live video services, but it is something you must experience. Your knowledge will provide you with an undeniable decision for your live cam needs. An online home based business website that is around for a long time to come is your guarantee, but only with the great services of an adult live video chat solutions software business like 2much.

As always before signing up with any adult chat software company we review, please contact us with all questions so we can provide details relating to our objective reviews. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding starting your own adult live cam chat video business. Just email us at or call 610-659-9184 and we will be more than happy to answer all questions and assist you in any way possible. We will gladly provide you all the live video chat players in the industry so you can compare and contrast. If you find one to be superior to 2Much.Net please let us know so we can check them out with a review. Anything is possible but to beat out 2much as my most recommended adult live video chat pay per minute solution software company the company would have to be flawless. I would love to review the company or the technology if it is out there. For 2014 there is no doubt in my mind that 2much.Net is the class of the live video cam chat software companies. Any questions just ask. More than happy to help you out for we don’t have a horse in the race. We are trusted for our objective reviews and will never lose our reputation we have worked so hard to earn. Good luck to you!!

Starting A Porn Website Business Watch Long-term Cost

March 7th, 2014  |  Published in Adult Turnkey Business

Starting A Porn Website Business Watch Long-Term Cost

When starting an adult turnkey website business one needs to pay close attention to online home based business start up cost and also 5 year long-term business cost. As prospective entrepreneurs we have a tendency to pay close attention to the start up costs of our online business but many times we don’t project out 1 to 5 years when we should.

When you are looking to start a porn turnkey website and you are going to purchase an online business from another company such as an adult design business this projection of cost is crucial though we usually pay very little attention to it. We tend to concentrate all our energies on the start up costs when we should be looking far down the road and calculating if we can handle the long-term costs. I like to look at the 1 year and 5 year costs of a business which tell the real cost analysis.

What I want to show you in this article regarding starting a business that you purchase from another is a comparison of 3 different adult turnkey online businesses comparing the start up costs, 1st years total cost of doing business and ultimately and most importantly in my opinion the one most prospective entrepreneurs forget to look at the 5 year cost of staring a business online. The 3 companies are nichesitedesign (of course my business), profitadult, and teleteria. All three of these companies are adult turnkey design businesses and all have been in business for at least 10 years now. We are keeping this comparison of business costs as objective as can be by just showing the cost numbers and allowing you to be the judge. One could certainly argue this is just blatant self promotion and I guess it would be difficult to argue but the numbers don’t lie, people do. Why don’t we look at the cost of starting a business with these 3 companies and then we will break it down from there. Let’s take a look at the numbers. So you can be the judge and jury. You determine guilt or innocence and sentencing if need be.

Look At This Cost Comparison Of 3 Adult Website Design Businesses

Start Up Cost $495.00
Hosting FREE
1st Year Total Cost $495.00
5 Year Total Cost $550.00

Start Up Cost $495.00
Hosting $49.00 per month
1st Year Cost $1,083.00
5 Year Cost $3,435.00

Start Up Cost $2,000.00
Hosting $100.00 per month
1st Year Total Cost $3,200.00
5 Year Total Cost $8,000.00

Why Start Up Costs Vary So Much With Adult Turnkey Porn Sites?

Starting a porn site business should not be so expensive. Why adult website designers can charge so much, I am not sure. I believe it is a combination of people not doing their homework on the industry and the salesman being so slick and aggressive that he or she wears people down until they purchase websites. If people performed their due diligence when starting a business like they do when shopping for a car; paying too much for their business website would be a thing of the past. The real cost of starting a business would be clearly defined as much lower than the salesman is asking for and real negotiation would begin or one would just logically go to the other guy down the block and purchase from that company. If two companies are selling the same car on the same block at price points that are thousands different who would you purchase your car from? This is a no-brainer isn’t it? Then why is it difficult to realize when you are paying too much when starting an online business website? The reality is it shouldn’t be.

Check Out The Price Differential On Adult Turnkey Websites

Let’s look at the difference in pricing for these 3 adult website businesses. When you look at the Start Up Business Costs it should set off a red flag but for many consumers it doesn’t. I don’t know why!! It should. $595, $495, $2,000. Doesn’t the $2,000 stand out as a bit strange? This is not an IQ test here; this is just reality. What number doesn’t fit with the rest? We are taught this when we are very young but when it comes to starting our own online business we throw out all reason. Would you actually pay $2,000 for a product that goes for less than half the price down the street?

When Starting An Adult Website Business Watch Hosting Fees

Now let’s look at hosting fees. You have 3 options: Free, $49.00, $100.00? How is this? What is the explanation from the adult website design companies? Don’t you want to know? Well, here goes. Both companies that charge the hosting fees and don’t offer a Free hosting option that we have been made aware of claim the monthly fee is for hosting, maintenance and updating of content and full marketing support according to the websites and questions we have asked. The issue is where are these updates? Shouldn’t a company have to prove this? How would you know if updates are occurring? Maintenance of the site? What maintenance is being done? What is this so called “full marketing support”? What do they do for you? You should ask shouldn’t you? As a rule of thumb if someone charges you more then $20.00 per month in hosting fees when you are starting your own online business you better start the business with someone else. It should never cost more than $20.00 per month to host an adult turnkey website. Please also note this: Ask these adult turnkey design companies why you can’t move your website to another hosting company and take the content with you? You can’t and you won’t!! They won’t let you. Do you understand the relevance of this? How do you own the site if you can’t decide which hosting company you host your website with? You be the judge on who truly owns your site!! I already know!!

Please Watch Out For 5 Year Cost On Your Adult Home Based Business

Last but not least on the Starting A Porn Business Cost List is 5 year cost. Look at the five year cost differential and you will probably pass out if you have already purchased your website from one of these companies. $595, $3,435.00, $8,000.00? How can this be? You be the judge and jury on this one and I will leave this to you to make your own judgment call. My silence on this one should speak volumes to you. Ask all three design companies 20 questions on email and see who answers. Where are you going to get these 20 questions? I believe you have more than enough material to do this just from this article. If you don’t perform your due diligence when starting your own online business you will end up paying much more than you need to. Your decision. Ask any questions you have and I implore you to do so.

Please note: Many adult website design companies like to answer your questions over the phone but please understand this is to their benefit because it doesn’t leave a paper trail. Email and request those questions be answered via email before you talk. This way the paper trail is there and you have their detailed answers in writing that cannot be disputed. Email me with any questions you have at or just give us a call at 610-659-9184 with all of your questions and concerns before you invest your hard-earned money in your very own work from home adult turnkey site business for you will thank yourself for calling and performing your own due diligence on all porn design companies. This might be the best call you ever make. Get a cup of coffee and Let’s Chat!!

Thinking About Starting An Adult Turnkey Site? Must Read

March 6th, 2014  |  Published in Adult Turnkey Business

Starting A Home Based Adult Turnkey Site? Own It and Run It To Profitability!

How is my adult turnkey site coming along? When will the money start coming in? Your online home business competitors said I would be making $10,000.00 by now? These are the comments we get all too often from first time online adult home business entrepreneurs and we never get used to it. No matter how many times you tell people they are investing in a business that is going to be their very own online adult home business, there will always be people that will believe that money grows on trees and that the competitors promises of tremendous overnight wealth for performing no work on your own site is true.

At turnkey business talk we can only speak for ourselves on this one but I am sure there are many online website designers that would agree such as that people are investing money in a startup online business and forgetting they have to run the business. This turnkey home business is sold by many as a get rich quick type business and it just isn’t. There is no way anyone is making money overnight in any business but it seems impossible to get some people to accept this fact. I guess the point of this ranting is don’t invest your money if you can’t afford to lose it and don’t invest your hard-earned money if you don’t want to take ownership of your own online business.

What do we mean by take ownership of your own online adult home business? Good question.

If you were to purchase a Subway or McDonalds franchise becoming a franchisee I am sure you would make sure you do your homework on the industry and the business long before you would invest your money and once invested you would from the get go work your ass off to make the business a wonderful success. You would probably be very hands on and working as many hours as you can to make the business a long-term business success. So why when you invest in an online adult home business or any other online home business opportunity do you treat the business any different than the investment in the Subway and McDonalds? I honestly am at a loss over this. Let me give you my observations on what I believe might be part of the problem. 3 things I can think of off the cuff.

1. Online Businesses have to be run differently

2. Online Businesses don’t require as much work

3. Online Businesses make money no matter what you do

These statements regarding starting your own online home adult turnkey site couldn’t be further from the truth. Successful Online Adult Home Businesses are not run differently, require just as much work if not more than physical businesses and online home businesses sure as hell don’t make money whether you are actively involved in the business or not. Where did we ever get these business ideas from? I am still trying to figure it out. The only thing I can say is we want to believe what the competition shits out and what they shit out stinks. They tell you exactly what you want to hear and somehow many of you buy into it. Think about it. Don’t you want me to tell you that you have to work your ass off in your own online home business or do you want me to tell you that you will just make money online just by buying one turnkey website from me? The salesman tells you exactly what you want to hear. We at and are above that. We tell it like it is and we lose business because of it. Sometimes people get pissed at us for telling the startup online home business owner the truth. They then end up going to one of our many competitors whose names we gladly share upon request and then months later come to us to explain they have been ripped off or at the very least not being told the realities of this online home based business. I would like to think I will never get another call about broken promises such as this but I am not holding my breath.

Online Adult Home Based Business Should Be Treated Just Like Any Physical Business

Please, if you are currently a client of or, treat this online home based business as you would the Subway or the McDonalds and educate yourself on the industry and then work your ass off in the most efficient way possible. Work smarter not harder. Please get this idea of not having to work hard on your home based online business right out of your head or you will be right out of business. Any questions please email me at or just give us a call 610-659-9184 and we will provide you all the time in the world over the phone answering each and every question you may have for us. Let’s Chat!!

Seo Your Adult Niche Website With A Killer Press Release

March 5th, 2014  |  Published in Adult Turnkey Business

5 Ways To Seo Your Adult NIche Website Will A Killer Press Release

A search engine optimized (SEO) press release is an inexpensive and effective way to increase targeted traffic to your niche adult turnkey website business. Top marketers have been using this tactic for their clients for some time with great success. And there is no reason you can not use it for your Internet business website.

The premise is simple. Write your press release in such a way that it will rank well in the SERPs for specific keywords and phrases. Through links placed on the press release, traffic is directed to your website. This builds quality backlinks to your Internet business website which will improve your website’s position on the SERPs. Having an improved position on the SERPs will result in more people seeing and subsequently visiting your website. And the beauty is that in addition to having links placed in a press release, you also can have video, images and social media links to name a few additional options. All of this works to drive targeted traffic to your website. I have found it to be a truly uncomplicated strategy that, when done correctly, can produce amazing results for your Internet home business.

Here are a few simple ways I have found to optimize your press release for your home business

Identify The Keywords Or Phrase – Look for targeted keywords or phrases that relate to your particular niche. Do not use cliché type keywords, slang or abbreviations. Think of keywords that people would actually use. Also look for long tail keywords that are less competitive. If you have difficulty with this, try the Google Keywords Tool or Wordtracker (which is a paid tool). These tools will show more targeted keyword searches than the broader keywords which are probably more competitive. Do not keyword stuff otherwise the text will not sound natural. You can also get penalized by the search engine for doing such.

Placement Of Links – Place the links purposefully in your press release as you would on a web page. When placing links in your press release, make sure they include relevant keywords and that the links take the reader to the page on your website that relates to the press release.

Title Of The Press Release – On most press release distribution sites, the title of the press release also serves as the title tag. This is essential because the title tag is crucial when it comes to ranking a website’s page for a keyword or phrase that is being searched.

Synopsis – Utilize keywords or phrases in this section that are not the same as those used in the title. Doing so will take full advantage of exposure to the search engines for the keywords or phrases that are being used.

Body – Search engines will crawl through a press release to harvest sections that include the searched keywords or phrases and use them as a synopsis in the search engine results. Needless to say, optimizing the body of the press release for keywords and phrases is imperative.

Here the basic format for press release for your home based Internet business

Title – Include keyword or phrase and no more than 100 characters.

Summary – Be no more than two sentences long and should have no more than two second tier keywords or phrases.

Body – Be at minimum 300 words and written in the third person. Provide the particulars of the subject of your press release. Include a quote in this section and no more than four keyword phrases.

About Your Website – No more than two sentences written in the third person describing your site. Include an anchor text link to the homepage of your Internet business website.

Contact – Designate yourself as the contact for your website.

Some Additional Things I Consider When Writing A Press Release For Your Internet Home Business:

· Know Your Target Audience – When preparing to write your press release for your home based internet business, make sure you know who your target audience is and write for them. Also, do not use jargon or hype; write simply and naturally. This will keep you on track and greatly aid in the keyword selection for your press release.

· Have A Catchy Headline – You need to have a headline for your press release that draws the reader in. Make them want to read your press release. The headline must give the reader a heads-up as to what your press release is about.

· Have Something Of Value To Say – When you submit a press release it needs to contain information that is newsworthy. Writing about nothing for the sake of issuing a press release will dilute your brand and credibility. As a result you will not generate any traffic to your Internet business website.

· Get To The Point Quickly – Do not have it so a person has to read half the press release to figure out what it is you are saying. Whatever you have to say about your website goes at the end of the press release.

· Always Write In The Third Person – Never use the word “you” in any part of your press release. Having “you” written in your press release could get it rejected for “advertising language”.

· Should Appear To Be Objective – Remember even though you are selling your website, the press release should never appear as an advertisement.

· Mention Your Competitors – Compare your website to theirs in your press release. This can work to your advantage by generating interest in your press release from news organizations.

· Quotes In Your Press Release – Quotes act as an attention getter for your press release. Make sure it ties into the message of the press release. You can actually write the quote yourself and try to work a keyword or phrase into the quotation. Also, any promotion of your website can be done here as long as it remains within the quotes. You can also choose to write a humorous quote as long as it relates to the topic of your press release.

· Write Clearly And Professionally – A press release should not have any grammatical or spelling errors. Again, this ties into your credibility, branding and generating traffic for your Internet business website.

An Optimized Press Release Can Help Drive Traffic To Your Niche Adult Turnkey Website Business

A press release will rank well in the SERPs if it is properly optimized. And if it does rank well on the Internet, it will deliver quality backlinks to your home business website. Those backlinks will aid not only in increasing the position of you website on the search engine results page, but increasing the amount of direct targeted traffic also.

There are at least 2,000 press releases flooding the internet each and every day. So the question is; what can you do to make your press release leave the others in the dust, get noticed and drive targeted traffic to your home business website? The answer is to SEO your press release. That will increase the visibility of your website, drive potential customers to your website and increase your chances to make some money.

If you have any questions or comments about this article writing your killer press release for your own adult niche turnkey website or anything else, please contact me at or just call us at 610-659-9184 and we will be more than happy to answer each and every question you have and provide you all the time in the world on the phone.

Starting An Adult Turnkey Website Perform Due Diligence

March 4th, 2014  |  Published in Adult Turnkey Business

Starting An Adult Turnkey Website Perform Your Due Diligence

When starting an adult website business of any type one needs to ask probing questions of the online adult home business opportunity you are desiring to do business with. Most people just accept yes or no questions which do not exactly provide the answers they are looking for. With probing questions of the online adult business you will be forcing the online home business website owner to have to answer with details instead providing he or she the opportunity to just answer yes or no.

When starting an online adult turnkey website business opportunity you definitely need to ask probing questions and lots of them because this home online business opportunity is nine times out of ten very foreign to you. You need to write down your questions preferably 20 of them and have them ready to go when you call or when you email the adult online business opportunity.

We have compiled a list of questions you need to ask when starting a business especially in the online adult industry. Please note that you shouldn’t just ask these of one online home business opportunity; you should ask these questions of many. Get different opinions by asking many questions of many businesses and the cream will naturally rise to the top.

Here are the top 5 online adult business opportunity questions I would ask any prospective online business when starting a business of my own

When Starting A Business Ask These 5 Questions Of The Online Adult Home Business Opportunity

1. Can I get the 5 top competitors you have in your industry so I can compare and contrast? If you won’t give me them than how can I trust you? Why if you believe in your own product would you not provide the names of the competitors?

2. Do you offer a money back guarantee? If not, why not? If you believe in your product wouldn’t you back it up like other design companies do? By the way what in the world is a satisfaction guarantee? I don’t believe there is such a legal term that protects a consumer at all. It certainly doesn’t mean money back guarantee.

3. Do you offer Free Hosting for Life of account? I am just starting out. I have no traffic so why charge me so much? Doesn’t make sense according to the other design companies I have talked to on the phone. They tell me only go with a turnkey design company that doesn’t charge for hosting for the first year in business. In my research profitadult charges $49 per month, teleteria charges $100 per month and grip charges you $69 per month. Nichesitedesign offers FREE Hosting For Life option or $14.95 per month depending on the package you choose.

4. Do you perform Hands On SEO Marketing for all clients? Why not? Do you just offer me banner exchanges, sell me traffic and charge me for website submissions to the search engines? What does any of this do for me other than cost me money? Since I am new to the business isn’t it only right you perform some hands on seo marketing for me?

5. Do you stay in niche specific markets with your content for the websites? Why not? Isn’t this where the money is in the market these days? Why isn’t all the content in the members section of your site niche specific?

6. What is my second year total cost for my website and hosting, maintenance fees? Well from my research with teleteria it is $1200.00, with profitadult it is $588.00 with nichesitedesign it is $11.00 for the renewal of the domain name. Why such a huge difference in price? You tell me!! Doesn’t make any sense at all other than that people are willing to pay the price because they are new to the industry and don’t know any better.

7. If I desire to move my site to another hosting company can I do this and does my content come with me to the new site? Why can’t I. This doesn’t make sense for it is my site isn’t it. Let’s look at this and wonder why. With Grip, Pleasurebuilder, teleteria, profitadult and many others you can’t move the content any you attempt to move your site to another host. With nichesitedesign you can move the content with the site to another host any time you choose to. My question would be if you can’t move your site to another host do you really own the site? Good question ha!!

8. Do I have to pay for billing or is that included in the cost and absorbed by the content company? In todays world in the turnkey market you should never have to pay for billing but for some reason with teleteria they make you pay for your billing. Ask why? I would love to know!!

9. What is your 5 year cost since I am long-term investor. I have read that nichesitedesign has a 5 year cost of Only $650.00 whereas profitadult 5 year cost is approximately $3,000.00 and Teleteria’s is approximately $8,000.00. Please justify the difference in price?

10. How are these profit charts that you have on your site realistic at all? When I talk with other business owners they laugh at them and say they are just meant to take advantage of newbies and that they are very unrealistic. They also say the testimonials are a joke because you don’t offer any url’s with the tremendous claims. How am I to believe them without the domain names listed with the testimonials. I would think the client would want to brag if they were doing so well. Some owners of design companies told me to go back to 2002 and archive your website and I will see the same testimonials back then on your site as I do now and I hate to say they are correct. You have the same ones on the site as you did 10 years ago. Why is that? Profitadult and Teleteria both appear to do this. Why are testimonials so old and why don’t they have domain names to show off their sites. Wouldn’t it be free advertising that anyone would take advantage of?

When Starting An Online Business Perform Your Due Diligence

When starting an online adult business you absolutely need to ask tons of probing questions because this online home business opportunity is very foreign to you. You need to write down your questions and have them ready to go when you call or when you email the adult online home business opportunity. Do yourself a favor and force the design company to first have to email answers to you for your questions so you have a paper trail. Don’t let them just get you on the phone without answering your online questions. Remember if there is no paper trail the promises made to you over the phone can never be backed up.

When Starting An Adult Turnkey Website Business Ask All Industry Companies Probing Questions

We hope the list of questions we compiled in this article are useful to you when starting an adult home business especially an online work from home business. Ask your questions and perform your due diligence when staring a business. Please note that you shouldn’t just ask these questions of the online home based business opportunities in this article; you should ask these questions of all turnkey design companies. Remember when you ask probing questions when starting an online home business the cream will rise to the top and you will be making sure you are working with the right company that can assist you in achieving a very profitable long-term business. Starting A Business Today is the best move you can make in this economy as long as you watch cost and risk and ask every question possible demanding answers. Any questions just email me at or just call us at 610-659-9184 and we will provide you all the time in the world answering each and every one of your questions with complete answers that will leave you no doubt who the class act is in the adult turnkey design industry. Let’ Chat about your Future!!

Adult Turnkey Site Home Office Deductions

March 2nd, 2014  |  Published in Adult Turnkey Business

Adult Turnkey Site Home Office Deductions

Having an adult turnkey site home office based business can provide a lot of advantages including freedom to make your own Internet business decisions, working for yourself from home and extra income for your family. Another advantage is the allowable home office tax deductions that can be taken when you operate that adult turnkey site business from your home. That is why it is extremely important you establish a file system to maintain every receipt from the onset of your home office Internet business.

Twelve Most Common Adult Turnkey Business Site Home Office Tax Deductions

This article is going to focus on the twelve most common home office tax deductions of home office based businesses. More detailed information relating to these office tax deductions can be found on the IRS website. It is suggested you follow the instructions outlined on the IRS website as this list is only a guideline.

Home Office Space – Dedicating a room or a part of a room that is specifically devoted to your home office Internet business can be deducted from the taxable income. The deduction of that space is based on a percentage of your home’s overall square footage. It is extremely important the space designated as the home office business is “regular and exclusive” and must coincide with the IRS definition. Allowable deductions and calculations can be found on the IRS Internet website.

Software, Computers and Supplies – The full value of any computers purchased, internet service and software can be deducted from the annual taxable income if they are exclusively used for your home based office business. Computers can also be depreciated over a period of three years from the purchase. Software package purchases in excess of $500 can now be deducted in the year purchased instead of over a three year period. A separate set of regulations apply to identifying deductions for capital equipment. All home Internet based business related postage costs and shipping fees paid for by the business may be claimed. Any business cards, computer paper, pens, etc. that you purchase for use by the business are deductible.

Office Furniture – The cost of office furniture can either be deducted in the year of the purchase or depreciated over a period of five years. Remember the furniture has to be totally dedicated to your home office based business.

Research Supplies – Subscriptions, training manuals/material, videos and reference books are also allowed as tax deductions long as they relate to your home office based business.

Telephone Services – The installation, monthly service and long distance costs of a landline based telephone may be deducted if the phone line is used exclusively for your Internet business. If your cell phone is used exclusively for your Internet business, the entire bill can be deducted from your taxable Internet business income. If the phones are used for non-business also, only a pro-rated portion of the charges can be deducted. In that case, identify all Internet home business related calls and get a total cost. Those calls can be 100% deducted in most cases.

Advertising and Marketing – Most advertising and marketing expenses will qualify for tax deductions. Ensure all receipts are maintained.

Utilities – Electric, gas and water charges for your home can be pro-rated so that a portion can be claimed as a deduction by your home office business. This calculation is usually based on the square footage that is dedicated to the home Internet business.

Mileage Expenses – Business related mileage can be deducted based on the federal rate that is set at the start of each tax year. This deduction can be accomplished by either of two methods. Total all the business related mileage and multiply the allowance rate per mile as set by the federal government. Or calculate the percentage of business use of your vehicle compared to the personal use and deduct that portion of the related expenses. Business related toll and parking fees can be claimed also. Vehicle repairs may be deducted also depending on the percentage of driving dedicated to business use. Detailed records must be kept throughout the year to document the mileage that is business related. Include the payments if you are leasing a car or if you buy a car, factor in depreciation and interest on the loan.

Travel Expenses – Traveling to meet clients, attending business related training or other related business travel can be deducted. This includes transportation, hotels, meals and gratuities.

Meals – An Internet business related lunch with a client or perspective client is often tax deductible. This is an area that is the subject of much abuse and a focal point of the IRS. As such, keep all your Internet business related meal expenses and stay within the guidelines.

Insurance Premiums – Cost of premiums for home office tax deductions of home based office businesses may be deductible for a self-employed individual who is paying their own health insurance. A spouse or children’s premiums can be deducted only if they work for your home based Internet business. For home owners insurance, a portion is deductible based on the percentage of space the business takes up in the home. Automobile insurance can be deducted based on the percentage of time the vehicle is used for business related matters during the year.

Tax Preparation Fee – The expense of having an accountant prepare your tax return for your home based Internet business may be tax deductible.

Home Office Tax Deductions Are Plentiful For Your Adult Home Internet Business, But Be Careful

The most important point to remember is do not play around with the IRS when it comes to tax deductions for your adult turnkey site home based business. Keep all your receipts, maintain a good filing system and document everything. Make sure when you claim deductions for your home office Internet business they are accurate according to the tax code. Careful record keeping will prevent any issues should the IRS decide to audit you. Always consult with an accountant and the IRS Internet website before claiming any tax deductions especially for your adult turnkey site business.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact me at or just give us a call at 610-659-9184 and we will be more than happy to answer each and every questions you have regarding starting your very own adult turnkey site business and the home office tax deductions that you need to take advantage of.

Perform Market Research For Your Niche Adult sites

February 24th, 2014  |  Published in Adult Turnkey Business

Perform Market Research For Your Niche Adult Sites

Having a business plan and a mission statement are important initial steps for the development of your niche adult sites. But of these initial steps, conducting market research for the product or service you are going to feature on your website is extremely important. Market research will tell you if your idea is worth pursuing prior to investing your time and money to build an internet business.

Basically, market research is determining if there are people searching the internet for and buying the product or service you will be offering on your website. In addition, you need to identify the competition and determine what is making them successful. Then create a plan that sets you apart from the competition. This is an oversimplification of the process, but it gives you the general idea of market research for your home based Internet business.

As important as market research is, I have seen far too many entrepreneurs start their Internet business without doing this vital step or ignoring the results. From what I have seen it is because they have this “great idea” and they are afraid that performing market research will conclude it is a bad idea. Or they are just plain lazy and think by having a website on the internet it is going to rain money; believe me on this one because I have seen it time and time again. I have also seen where the market research determined the idea was a loser and they continue with it anyway. How successful do you think a person who follows any of these mindsets is going to be?

Market research is really not difficult to perform. It takes dedicating some time to research the internet and compile the resulting data to make a determination if the product or service will be a viable Internet business. It also takes having the sense to let it go and move on if the data shows it is not viable.

Here are a few suggestions to assist when conducting market research for your niche adult sites

Determine what keywords or phrases people use when searching for your product or service and make a list. Then go to the Google Keyword Tool and enter each word or phrase individually into the search section. The great thing about this tool is that it will identify related phrases that you may never have considered using. The results will show how many monthly searches are conducted for that particular word or phrase. If you are just starting out, I suggest you consider any keyword or phrase that has between 500 and 1,000 searches per month. In addition, this keyword tool will indicate how competitive the word or phrase is.

Clicking to the right of the keyword will produce a drop-down menu. In the drop-down menu, click on Search Results which will bring you to a search engine results page for that keyword so you can actually see who is ranking for that keyword or phrase. That is your competition. Also in the drop-down is Google Insights for Search. Clicking on this will bring you to a page where you can compare search volume patterns for a whole host of categories, for example, regions, categories, etc.

Another thing that you can do is visit review sites that have customer comment sections. By reading the customer comments, you can gage how well the product or service is being received by people who have actually purchased the product. Also, check out e-Bay and Amazon as they have great customer review sections that can be used for market research. Sometimes the actual product sites have sections for customer comments.

Blogs are also another great source for market research for your niche adult sites. They are updated more frequently than traditional websites and can be a treasure trove of information relating to products or services that can be marketed by you. Sites such as Technorati, could be worth looking into.

Social Mention is a search engine that monitors over 80 social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Digg. It provides user created social media and search subject matter which includes data relating to keywords in the areas of strength, sentiment, reach and passion. Omgili is a forum search engine that has message boards, discussion threads, blogs and reviews on a whole range of topics.

Don’t Be Lazy When Conducting Marketing Research For Your Niche Adult Sites Business

I came across this quote from William Bill of Wealth Design Group LLC, that I think sums up how important market research is to any business: “Failure to do market research before you begin a business venture or during its operation is like driving a car from Texas to New York without a map or street signs. You have to know which direction to travel and how fast to go.”

This article is by no means the end all for conducting market research for your niche adult sites business. It is just meant to get you thinking of what is needed to make your home business a success. The primary points you have to think about when conducting market research are these: what are you going to sell, is there a market for it, who are you going to target as your customers and who is your primary competition?

Take the time to do your research correctly. By doing so, you will learn your market which is crucial for success. If after doing all your market research the results indicate you have a loser, be strong enough to accept that. Scrap it and find another product or service to sell. I have been down this road before and I know it may be hard to swallow. But remember you can’t pay bills with ego. You are in this home based Internet business to make money. Don’t forget that.

If you have any questions or comments about this article or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me at or just give us a call at 610-659-9184 and we will answer each and every question you have for us in full detail and will never rush you off the phone.

Work From Home In Bad Economic Times With A Turnkey Website Business

February 22nd, 2014  |  Published in Adult Turnkey Business

Work From Home In Bad Economic Times With A Turnkey Website Business

Making money online working from home should sound interesting in these difficult financial times. Let me explain. Although we hear a lot of talk about the end of the recession and there are some signs of economic recovery, there is still a lot of uncertainty out there. A huge number of families and individuals got hurt financially by either job loss, a cut in work hours or temporary layoffs. Some of those who have experienced a cut in household income have been lucky in finding part time jobs in an attempt to supplement lost income. A huge number have not and have had to tighten their belts, cut their spending, try to save money and decide to do without. All in the hope of hanging on until better days arrive.

However, strange as it may sound, with all the talk about scaled down spending and the watching of every dollar spent in this current economy, the internet has become an extremely popular way for people to shop. It is a fact that internet businesses make a very good income during hard economic times this includes adult website businesses. So it stands to reason this is a good time to make money on line working from home by starting an internet website turnkey business.

To show you what I mean by increased sales during tough economic times, the following is a list of some countries that have been in dire financial straits for a number of years, however there e-commerce sales and there citizens working from home with their own Internet website businesses including a growing population of adult turnkey businesses are rising.

Greece – during the year 2011, experienced approximately $1.983 billion in total internet website purchases. This is about 80% increase over 2009.

Italy – during the year 2011, experienced approximately $10.5 billion in total purchases made over the internet. There was a 20% increase in e-business and a 210% increase in sales made through mobile devices when compared to 2010.
Spain – for the first two quarters of 2011, experienced approximately $6.16 billion in internet website purchases. That is an increase of 26.5% over the same period for the previous year.

These three countries are in much worse financial shape than we are here in the United States; however they are still experiencing phenomenal growth in the purchase of products over the internet.

OnLine Work From Home Based Businesses Are Making Money In Touch Economic Times

Let’s bring this back home and look at the numbers for the United States. According to the research group Forrester, e-commerce is expected to rise from $176.2 billion in 2010 to over $300 billion in 2015 and over $500 billion in 2017. An ever increasing number of shoppers will leave the brick and mortar stores for the ease and convenience of buying products on the internet no matter what shape the economy is in. Thirty percent of the growth of online sales during 2010 was attributed to 5.5 million first time online website buyers. The Small Business Association advises that 47.3 million North American families have access to the internet and 20.764 million of those families have surfed the internet. Of that number, 13.497 million have made at least one purchase with a large number of purchases from individuals that have started their own online work from home website businesses so this is just the beginning when you think of the growth prospect worldwide of sales for online businesses.

Here is another interesting statistic. comScore, a company that conducts digital business analytics, observed the following: in spite of all the concerns about the recession, internet buying of products and services was $37.5 billion in the second quarter of 2011. That is an increase of 14.1% over the previous year.

Make Money On Line Working From Home

So to answer the question, can a work from home based internet business make money in a sluggish economy? Well, based on the statistics above, the answer is yes it can. However, just don’t get into the internet website business without doing research. Make sure you evaluate your online home business idea and research every aspect of it prior to getting into any website business venture. Consider products or services that people can use regularly and are passionate about. Make sure the product or service is of good quality, comes from a reputable company and most importantly gives value to the customer to keep he or she coming back to you. You might even want to consider one of my favorite work from home business ideas which is adult turnkey websites. You can do this by going to which is a great educational source for starting your very own adult website business without risking your life savings.

As a suggestion, consider having a turnkey website built by a reputable web site design company. Turnkey websites are relatively inexpensive, about $450 to $600. They are fully loaded with on page SEO and are ready to sell whatever product or service you choose. Basically, all you do is build backlinks (meaning people linking to you from their business website or business blog) market the website and receive a percentage of every sale made through your home based online website. A word of caution; there are a lot of scammers ready to design an Internet website business for you then hit you up with a ton of hidden charges and empty promises. So be careful. Study, research and learn the online website business before you sign with anyone. This is your money, your time and your future. Make sure you are in the best position to succeed and make money online working from home with your very own website business.

If you have any questions or comments especially regarding starting your very own adult turnkey sites, please contact me at or just call us at 610-659-9184 and we will provide you all the time in the world answering all of your very important questions with full details and a list of all companies in the industry comparing and contrasting their prices and services.

Partner With A Reputable Adult Turnkey Design Company

February 21st, 2014  |  Published in Adult Turnkey Business

Partner With A Reputable Adult Turnkey Design Company Or Else

When do I start making money with my new online home based business opportunity? profitadult, teleteria and pleasurebuilder tell me I will make $5,000 in only a few months in the online adult turnkey business, why don’t you promise that? Where is your profit chart for your website design business like the others have? Why do you say I can lose money in the online adult business? The others don’t say that!!

At Nichesitedesign, These are the issues we face everyday on the phone with prospective clients and with current clients. They have read and been told by so many other adult website design companies that they just need to purchase the website and the rest will happen almost overnight. Money just comes in. Overnight wealth. Make money while you sleep. Money for nothing. The business runs itself. We could go on and on. Who are these guys that make these promises and state such bullshit? Why don’t we question this when it is promised to us? Do you think maybe it is because we want to hear that business is that easy? That you just need to check your stats and see how much money you have made today?

You need to partner with a reputable adult turnkey design company such as At Niche we tell everyone if you can’t afford to lose the investment you shouldn’t invest. Common sense advise yet these words are foreign to most and even more foreign coming from the mouths of my competitors. Yet these are the words of reason of real long-term business that can’t possibly happen overnight nor can a business make money while you sleep.

We have people that come forward and want to purchase 50 websites at a time and we tell them no. It is not manageable for someone new to the business and you will be disappointed because you will be overwhelmed. Some tell us we are crazy and they go sign up with one of our turnkey design competitors which is the wrong move but some people will never listen no matter what we say.

Starting An Online Adult Home Business Is A Responsibility You Might Not Want To Take On

Our whole point here is that Internet businesses continue to be marketed to the masses as “get rich quick” and the reality is the Internet businesses are no different than any other. It takes time to learn the business and the money is made long-term not overnight as the business is sold to you. Some people are disappointed, mainly because some of these skunk companies will say anything to get your money and because some prospective entrepreneurs should never have gone into business for themselves because not everyone is right for owning their own business just like not everyone can be a forensics guy or a nurse because they can’t take the sight of blood. Some people honestly believe that the business makes them money instead of realizing that they themselves are the driving force behind the business and they themselves are the ones making the money by the business decisions they make. You also have people that just don’t have the time for the business or just don’t understand how much time has to go into the business to make it a success. The business is you; You are the business. No business can make money without someone running it. Someone has to steer the ship or it will crash, burn and sink and if the business sinks humans can only holed their breath for so long so you will perish also. Not what anyone wants to hear I understand that but I am not here to make friends. I am here to point out the reality and to make people slow down a bit and think before going into business.

So please let’s review. Business is tough and it is especially tough if it is very foreign to you. You need to learn it and I can help you a great deal but you need to learn the majority of the business by reading and putting in the time. It takes time and hard work to produce a successful business.

Before Starting Your Own Online Adult Business Opportunity Please Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Can I afford to lose this investment money?
  • Do I have the time it takes to run my own business?
  • Will I have to deal with ongoing monthly costs in this business such as hosting fees?
  • Does the company offer some sort of money back guarantee? Not a satisfaction guarantee cause they mean nothing that can stand up in court.
  • Are the promises too good to be true? Do they make it sound too simple that anyone can do it? If everyone in the business made millions how are their millions left for you to make?
  • Would I sign up for my own sites if I was the customer? If you wouldn’t why would you start this online business? I hope you wouldn’t!

When Starting An Adult Turnkey Home Based Business Opportunity Do Your Due Diligence

These are just some of the many questions you need to ask yourself and the seller of the online business so that you make sure you make the correct decision regarding starting your own online business venture. Some businesses have great potential to be very profitable and some do not just as some people seem to be natural entrepreneurs and some are certainly unnatural. Whatever you choose to do; don’t believe the promise of tremendous overnight success. Don’t believe that somehow the online businesses are any different than the physical businesses. They are the same. No one business is going to make more money because it is online. You are responsible for your own business no one else is. Starting your own online business is your responsibility and yours only. Ask the questions we have offered you and perform your due diligence and you should do well. Don’t do your due diligence and you will perish like many before you.

The BBB of New York puts out this informative advise:

“Avoid any program that promises an unrealistically big return, especially if it requires a large up front payment. If someone pushes you to make a quick decision about a business opportunity, be very cautious. Take your time, get all the facts, and don’t give in to pressure.”

Best Legitimate Get Rich Quick Online Business Opportunity Scheme

What is the best Legitimate Get Rich Quick Scheme? People always ask and I tell them the best legit get rich quick scheme is the you don’t invest your money in!! Any questions regarding starting your own online business just email me at or just call us at 610-659-9184 and we will provide you with all the time in the world over the phone answering each and every question you have with detailed information including a list of all of our competitors. Be careful with your hard-earned cash. Its your money!!!

Make money from home